Well, Emet is teaching us a thing or two about patience.  For those of you who haven’t heard, her due date is actually today, but one week ago we underwent a simple manual procedure for inducing labour.

We were tired of waiting, you see.  Actually, mommy was getting very tired of waiting and didn’t want to be pregnant anymore.  After having gone through three times already, you might understand why she felt that way.  : )

Our doctor provided the labour inducing procedure and thought that mom would go into labout that night or the next day.  That was a week ago today, and we were happy with the thought that Emet would show up over the long Remembrance Day weekend and offer minimal impact on our regularly week-day schedules.

After waiting on tippy toes for each hour that slowly passed on Friday night, then Saturday, then Saturday night, then Sunday, then Sunday, and then Monday… !

Well, we saw our doctor again on Wednesday, merely two days ago.  Still no onset of formal labour – we went for a second round of inducing labour.  Yesterday, nothing… up until the evening.  Then the first sign of a real contraction showed up around 6:30pm.  Dad was going from networking event to networking event with a busy schedule and had to cut it short to head home.

After a fitful night for all, finally at around 4am of this morning (Thursday night / Friday morning), we came to the hospital.  Its been 8 hours of contractions, messy linens and tests, and mommy is now lying comfortably with a metal wire running into the base of her spine so that pain-killer can offer her a level of painless contractions and eventually delivery that would have been the envy of every woman throughout history.

As of 12:20pm Friday, the contractions are regular at about 3 minutes apart, and the dilation is about 9.5 centimeters.  Almost there!


9 months later, she’s wriggling her way into the ‘top dog’ spot in the entire family!