Emet Has Arrived!

Emet arrived at 12:53pm – I took a shot of her a minute later when she was thrown on mom with her umbilical cord still attached!  Of course, I cut it myself – again.  : )

Emet has a heart!  Circumstantial evidence: a heartbeat.

Emet has a voice: looking forward to re-learning a new language all over again: baby babble.

Emet opens her first eye!  Luckily, she has another one if she doesn’t like what she sees out of this one.

20 thoughts on “Emet Has Arrived!

    1. dad Post author

      Thanks John – I had the pictures up right away, but didn’t get to the dns fix required until today: what was happening was that if you went to EmetHan.com without the www you didn’t get the site with the pictures, but if you had the www in front, then you did get the site with the pictures. Now its all fixed! : )

    1. dad Post author

      Thanks Linda, mommy is pretty happy withself as well. It was hard work just watching the entire birthing, labour-pain ordeal and she has been praised for doing a great job by all the experts here. : )

  1. Robert Bessler

    Congratulations Chang, Sung and Han family on your new addition! These prescious ones grow way to fast Chang… Try and enjoy this one just a little bit more by doing things slower… Don’t let her grow up too quickly… Sojin, Hana and I wish you all the happiness in the world and we all wish you Sung a quick recovery.

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